2022 Build Season Newsletter Issue #6

Our Team

For the last week of build season, Team 1403 has made a lot of progress in preparation for the competitions. On the logistics side of the team, they have finished and submitted various essays for the competition. The robot side of the team has been collaborating to fix any problems with the robot. Going forward, our team is going to work hard and improve our robot in order to do well in the competitions.


The Mechanical Subteam has finished the shooter of the robot and installed the intake onto the robot. Originally, they had a few problems with the upright because it was crooked. They also had difficulties with the intake since two chains were hitting against each other. However, both of these complications were fixed and adjusted. Currently, they are testing the angle of the shooter and plan to continue testing throughout next week.


The Electrical Subteam is currently working with the Programming Subteam to implement the electrical board into the robot. They have also finalized the design for the board and mounted on the components. The subteam has finished wiring the components to the board, making the robot operational.


The Design Subteam has been working on the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for the climber and editing their old design so it meets the requirements for the robot. After they finish tweaking their design, they plan on beginning with documentation. The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) part of the Design Subteam has finished all of the parts for the shooter and intake, and the Animation team has been working on Virtual Reality (VR). 


The Programming Subteam has been testing all of their code with a simulation of the robot, making any last minute changes. Additionally, they have been working with the Electrical Subteam to work on the electrical board. The app team has been creating a script to export their data from the database to the machine. 


The Strategy Subteam has been practicing on scouting with the app built by the Programming Subteam. They also found new videos on the game which will be played by our robot. They plan to continue improving their strategy for the game by scouting throughout the next week.


The Audio/Visual Subteam has worked very hard this past week to finish the Chairman’s video. With a few more edits needed, the Chairman’s Video will be finalized. Afterwards, the A/V Subteam is ready to work on a battery safety video with the Safety Subteam. 


The Business/Communications Subteam is going to finish up the posts for the March timeline, post parents newsletters, and brainstorm ideas for the April timeline. Then, the subteam will be editing the Alumni Newsletter and begin uploading the Parent Newsletters on the website. 


The Outreach Subteam has continued working on the Rock Brook School mentoring initiative, which is planned to start in the next few weeks. Also, the Outreach Subteam has organized an outreach event to wrap utensils such as forks and knives for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen in the upcoming weeks. 


This week, the Safety Subteam started working with the Audio/Visual Subteam to create an informational battery hazards video. The video will help our members learn about the dangers about batteries and how to safely work with them. Next week, they plan to finalize their storyboard and go forward with the script.