2022 Build Season Newsletter Issue #7

Our Team

As we approach competition season, Team 1403 is preparing the members for the Mount Olive Competition. Our team has been making significant progress on finishing the robot with the robot side subteams making their final touches. The logistics side is formatting the Chairman’s binder as well as completing any necessary documentation. 


The Mechanical Subteam has been hard at work on various fronts of the structure of the robot. Specifically, they have finished assembling the shooter and working on the wooden frame that the climber must use to climb during the game. They are currently finishing up the bumper that will be used for the robot. 


The Electrical Subteam finished wiring the electrical board for the robot, as well as working on documentation. Recently, they have been wiring the motor for the arm and the upright. Next week, they plan to finalize the documents and work on wiring management. 


This week, the Design Subteam worked on the climber drawing and the elevator design. Afterwards, they plan to edit the elevator, as well as help the Mechanical Subteam with manufacturing. Most importantly, they plan to update the drawing for the arms so that they can reach further. 


The app side of the Programming Subteam has been refining the scouting app through bug fixes. Throughout the following week, they plan to add a recommendation feature into the app, which will prompt teams to receive a score after a certain round by ranking them. With respect to the robot development within the subteam, they have finished implementing code to allow several components of the robot to function, such as the intake, upright, shooter, and drive train. 


Our Strategy Subteam has worked on additional scouting for the game. Members from the subteam have been working on updating the team standards. Additional changes that members added to the standards included an overview of the scouting apps and points analysis resource.


This week, the Audio/Visual Subteam worked on finishing the Battery Hazards video, collaborating with the Safety Subteam. After working together on the video script, they were able to get it approved by the mentors. Next week, they plan to shoot the visuals for the video and continue working on documentation.


This week, the Business/Communications Subteam worked on the Week 6 Newsletter along with the February Alumni Newsletter. They have also finalized the social media timeline for March, and plan to work on the Chairman’s Binder. 


The Outreach Subteam is working on sending out emails for the Women in STEM and Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) events; They also plan to finalize ideas for the Rock Brook initiative. Next week, they intend to work on the activity sheets for upcoming events, such as the food drive. 


The Safety Subteam worked on getting the script approved on the battery hazards video. In the future, they hope to collaborate with the Audio/Visual Subteam to record and edit parts of the video.