Safety Sub-team: The Safety Sub-team is a hybrid subteam between the Robot and Logistics Side. They collaborate with the Audio/Visual Sub-team to create safety videos, such as the Fire Safety Video that can be found on our website. Additionally, they help certify members on the Mechanical Sub-team so they are equipped with the machinery as best as possible, which helps streamline the robot assembly/manufacturing process. In general, they oversee documentation and initiatives that help ensure the team’s safety.

Robot Side

Mechanical Subteam: The Mechanical Subteam manufactures and assembles the robot to ensure that it is running at its highest level. They prototype the different sub-systems and mechanisms the team will be using on the robot.

Electrical Subteam: The Electrical Subteam is the bridge between the mechanical and programming elements of the robot. They create and manage the electrical board, including ensuring that it is located in a safe but easy to access area of the robot, and that it has everything needed for the robot to run.

Design Subteam:  The Design Subteam designs the robot based on the prototypes and decisions that the team agrees upon. Using that design, they create drawings for Mechanical to use and documentation for the Technical Binder. They also work on animations and the Virtual Reality setup for the pit.

Programming Subteam: The Programming Subteam is what allows the robot to function at its maximum capacity. They take care of ensuring that not only are the controls and functions of the robot simple for the driver and operator but that the autonomous routine and any other automated functions are working at their best.

Logistics Side

Strategy Subteam: The Strategy Subteam gathers and analyzes data from all of the matches in order to effectively select alliance partners during eliminations. Strategy uses the game manual and early matches to develop an initial strategy for our robot. During preseason, members learn how to analyze information and scout. In build season, we develop our team’s personal strategy. A few members will communicate directly with the drive team in order to create customized strategies for each match.

Business/Communications Subteam: The Business/Communications Subteam works on the team’s website, newsletters, social media management, and the team’s writing assignments. These include the Woodie Flowers, Donald Bowers, and Chairman’s essays. In short, this part of the team is all about communication, composition, and writing/editing/revising.

Outreach Subteam: The Outreach Subteam expands our team’s work beyond Montgomery High School. This is done by creating and setting up events with the purpose of serving the community. Events include but are not limited to toiletry drives, SOAR summer camp, mentoring FIRST Lego League Teams, and Women in STEM.

Audio/Visual Subteam: The A/V Subteam is responsible for photography and filmography such as visual documentation, graphic design, video production, and photo/video editing. We also document events by taking pictures and recording video clips. In addition to this, we create a photo board of the entire team, make the Team 1403 Chairman’s video, and take/edit photos that are posted on our team’s social media.