18th Annual Kickoff

On Saturday,

January 6th, 2024,

after months of

anticipation and hard

work, over 30

different teams

gathered in

Skillman, New Jersey

at Montgomery

High School for the

18th annual Skillman

Kickoff event,

officially beginning

the Build Season

Before the Kickoff broadcast each year, students and mentors can attend workshops held by different mentors and Team 1403 members to learn about different aspects of robotics. The workshop topics include robot design using Autodesk Inventor, linear motion with pneumatics & sensors, bumpers, testing with simulation software, and how to design components with Autodesk Inventor. These workshops help teach members of FIRST how to accomplish certain tasks that are crucial to the success of their teams. After all the workshops are concluded, teams gather in the school’s multi-performing arts center to reveal the new season’s challenge. During the stream, several speakers give inspirational speeches to the FIRST community, applauding FIRST robotics as well as teaching important life skills such as dedication and teamwork.

The Kickoff event officially marks the beginning of the 6-week Build Season for Team 1403. During Build Season, all members work together to prepare for competition and create a successful final product.

Autodesk Inventor Packets and Parts

Beginner Packet

Advanced Packet

Linear Motion with Pneumatics and Sensors


Autodesk Inventor

Bumpers: Everything You Need to Know