The revered scholar Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Building the robot and arranging our competitions is a task too large to do alone, and often, we do need the help of giants.

Over the years we have had many sponsors and mentors who have helped us even in the toughest of times. This page is here to thank them for their support then, now, and forever.

 Montgomery Township Schools

Montgomery Township School District
Team 1403 began when our school administration approved our FIRST Robotics Program in 2004. The constant support of our Board of Education and Superintendent for financial resources and use of facilities for Monty Madness and Kick-Off has been the backbone of our team.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb has been sponsoring us since our beginning in 2004. BMS understands the importance of using great ideas to solve problems in the world, being a company that emphasizes being agile despite its scale.

Department of Defense STEM

DoDSTEM logo-Revised

DoD STEM have been a proud sponsor of our team since 2012. DoD STEM has been charged with promoting the STEM disciplines throughout the United States, and we are grateful for their sponsorship.

Picatinny Arsenal

Picatinny STEM Logo

Picatinny Arsenal works extensively with businesses and universities to bring the world’s best warfighting technology to our soldiers.

A&K Equipment


Since 2004 A&K Equipment has proudly served contractors, truck dealers, and municipal markets in the Rahway, New Jersey area.

Rodeo Money Inc.

Rodeo Money Inc. was founded in 2023 and is an AI assistant for influencer and affiliate marketing. The assistant allows brands and agencies to get the most out of their partner programs. 

Precision Technologies

Precision Technologies was founded in 2010 and is the fastest growing full stack IT Services company in the nation. Precision Technologies goes beyond technology staffing into true consulting, focusing on Agile Transformation, PMO Suite, Automation, Application Development, Business Intelligence, and Analytics and Salesforce


Google logo

Google, a large multinational technology-driven company, has been sponsoring our team since the 2020 season. Google’s impact on the world is extremely widespread, as they have assist countless nonprofits/businesses and teams such as ours as well as create an international environment of social good through technology.

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is an American international corporation that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods


MICRO is a full service contract manufacturer that draws on 75 years of experience in medical assembly, precision metal stamping, insert and injection molding, machining, sharpening, finishing and assembly to deliver the highest quality products to customers in many industries including medical device, automotive, aerospace and electronics.