Our volunteer mentors include teachers, alumni, parents, and friends. Many have been with Team 1403 since our start in 2004. We would like to recognize and express our most sincere thanks to our mentors for their dedication through the years.

Mr. Timothy Leicht

Previously a mentor of Team 303 from 2000 to 2005; Advisor to Team 1403 since 2006

Mrs. Patricia Leicht

Previously a mentor of Team 303 from 2000 to 2006; Mentor of the Communications, Business, Strategy teams since 2007
“Both my sons joined robotics in high school and it became their passion.”

Mr. Michael Leicht

Previously a mentor of Team 42 from 2008-2009 and of Team 2342 from 2009-2011; Mentor of the Mechanical, Electrical, Design teams since 2009
“I went through the natural progression of being a student to becoming a mentor.”

Mr. Tim Ryan


Mentor of the Business and Strategy teams since 2005
“I started mentoring because of my children.”

Mrs. Mary Anne Tracey-Ryan


Mentor of Business and Communications since 2005

Mr. Nick Trohalides


Mentor of the Design team since 2007
“I started mentoring because I enjoy the program, the people, and teaching others. “

Mr. Charlie Patel


Mentor of the Mechanical team since 2010
“My son, Shaan Patel, got interested in Robotics and I learned that my work sponsors the team through Department of Defense STEM funds if I mentor the team. It is nice to see students applying what they learn in classes to build something hands on.”

Mr. Noberto Neves

N. Neves

Mentor of Design since 2012

Mrs. Toni Neves
Mentor of Outreach since 2013
“I wanted to get involved because I saw that the kids and other mentors were about teamwork and commitment.”

Mr. Paresh Patel

Mentor of Programming since 2017

Mr. Jeff Bernardis

Mentor of the Programming and Electrical teams since 2012
“I’m really interested in technology. I love the ability to spread my knowledge to the kids on the team.”

Ms. Annie Yip

Mentor of Outreach, A/V, and Business-Communication since 2017

Mr. Warren Venema

Mentor of Design and Mechanical since 2016
“Cougar Robotics is the reason why I am doing mechanical engineering. I started mentoring because I wanted to help students pursue their passions in the STEM field.”

Dr. Siva Murthy

Mentor of Strategy since 2016

Mrs. Carla Kopp

Mentor of Business and Communications since 2017
“Robotics involves my two favorite passions – working with people and technology. With my background in computer science and having worked in the industry, I have a special interest in mentoring girls to pursue STEM careers.”

Mr. Erik Kopp

Mentor of Business and Communications since 2017
“It’s amazing to see how much applied science, technology, and problem-solving skills these students learn in such a short time. This will go a long way in preparing them to be valuable contributors in whatever field they choose to pursue. It’s great to be able to be a part of their journey.”

Mr. William Davey

Mentor of Programming since 2017

Mrs. Caitlin Davey

Mentor of Mechanical since 2017

Mrs. Reena Singh

Mentor of Strategy since 2017

Ms. Rachael Werner

Mentor of Mechanical since 2018