Rock Brook School

Rock Brook School is a non-profit school for multiple disabled and communication impaired students in our township. This past summer and school year, Team 1403 taught several batches of children about computers and Scratch programming. We helped the students use problem solving to realize their imagination into a Scratch program. One student that we worked with was Michael. Michael was enthusiastic, curious, creative, and eager to learn. Michael loves baseball, and he wanted to create a baseball stadium where the Scratch cat could run the bases and score a home run. Michael was inspired by technology and computers, and with guidance, he created a program that played his favorite music as the cat ran around the bases. When we saw Michael happy and laughing and proud of what he did, we knew that we had inspired him. The impact that 1403 had on Michael and the other children is a testament to 1403’s purpose as a team: to spread the message of FIRST by inspiring people in a fun and engaging manner.