Rock Brook School

Rock Brook School is a non-profit school for multiple disabled and communication impaired students in our township. During the 2020 preseason, members of Team 1403 visited the Rock Brook School, a non-profit school for disabled students, to teach several groups of students about computers and Scratch Programming. Members assisted students in learning ways to problem-solve creatively and use their imagination to create projects using Scratch software. A student in particular, Michael, has a story that is a testament to the message of FIRST. Michael is a passionate student who loves baseball. With 1403’s assistance, he was able to design a baseball stadium where the Scratch cat could run the bases and score a home run. Michael’s enthusiasm and pride following the creation of the program was a gratifying feeling as members of the team knew that they had made an impact on someone’s life and most importantly, inspired him in an enjoyable and engaging manner. Our contributions at Rock Brook School event embodied Team 1403’s purpose: to spread the message of FIRST by inspiring people and involving them with STEM.