Our Team, 2019-2020 Season

Venkat C., Team Captain


Daniel K., Team Captain


Ria B., Logistics Manager


Nidhi M., Assistant Logistics Manager

Vibhu I., Robot Manager


Alice V., Assistant Robot Manager



Outreach focuses on maintaining involvement and creating opportunities in the robotics community. Our biggest projects so far has been overseeing the First Lego League team in the middle school.

Ananya R., Outreach Captain


Amishi A., Assistant Outreach Captain


Audio & Visual

AV is responsible for taking photos and videos of the team and capturing the moments that define Team 1403. Our main jobs include making the team photo board, mechanical tutorial videos, and the chairman’s video.

Kevin K., AV Captain

Kevin K


Lukas M., Assistant AV Captain

Lukas M


Business & Communications

B & C is responsible for team documentation and the Chairman and Woodie Flower’s essays. We do everything from designing our logos and graphics to managing Team 1403’s social media accounts. We ensure the website is up to date and looking its best.

Arnav D., Business/Communications Captain



The Design sub-team designs the robot based on the prototypes and decisions that the team agrees upon. Using that design, they create drawings for Mechanical to use, and documentation for the Technical Binder. They also work on animations and the Virtual Reality setup for the pit.

Krish P., Design Captain


Neha V., Assistant Design Captain


Preetham P., Assistant Design Captain


Aadya P., Assistant Design Captain


Allen Z., Assistant Design Captain


The Electrical Team acts as the bridge between the Programming and Mechanical teams. We create the electrical board, power the motors, and wire the sensors for the robot.

Sami M., Electrical Captain

Het S., Assistant Electrical Captain


The Mechanical Team focuses on building and repairing the robot used in competitions. We are responsible for making the robot as well as maintaining its performance.

Idan A., Mechanical Co-Captain


Shreyank Y., Mechanical Co-Captain



The Programming Team is responsible for programming the robot using Java. We produce the code that is required in order to successfully complete each year’s challenge.

Teertha A., Programming Captain


Harrison W., Assistant Programming Captain



The Strategy Team collects and analyzes data on robots during competitions to help plan match strategies and make alliance picks.

Arjun A., Strategy Captain

Trisha S., Assistant Strategy Captain