During the summer of 2018, Team 1403 worked with the Montgomery Extended School Year Program (ESY) to teach them how to program in Scratch. We worked with high school students with special needs and taught them how to use Scratch to create small games and apps. In addition, we introduced Java programming to them by helping them follow step-by-step guides to create “hello world” program. By the end of the week, the students were using images and sprites from their own interests and imaginations to create their own programs.

Every summer, Team 1403 holds a four-week summer program to mentor students from grades two to eight, teaching them how to make and program NXT Mindstorm Robots. We started by helping them make the robot using LEGO bricks, motors, sensors, and an NXT to complete a challenge. Afterwards, they used NXT-G, an interactive drag-and-drop environment, to program the robots to complete specific challenges. Challenges ranged from coding a robot to simply move in a square to stopping and starting in response to sounds.

More information: https://www.mtsd.k12.nj.us/Page/569