The Compass Alliance

The Compass Alliance is a growing resource repository available to rookie and veteran robotics teams across the world participating in FIRST™ Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). The Compass Alliance (TCA) provides access to information on how to start, sustain, and improve FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) teams. It was founded in late 2017 with a mission to give teams resources including guides, videos, and mentoring opportunities.

Montgomery High School’s Cougar Robotics team is one of ten teams worldwide that are currently running The Compass Alliance. Recently, FIRST adopted The Compass Alliance as an official partner of FIRST Robotics! FIRST has published seven resources on their own website, four of which were developed at MHS by our own students. With the FIRST community and TCA working together, a sustainable and efficient source of aid has been created, which hundreds of teams can utilize.

TCA provides many programs to help robotics teams around the world. Teams can receive help by signing up for a Tag Team to be their remote guide throughout the season and can use the 24-hour call center, which connects people even across different time zones or languages. The TCA provides an additional program, Hear For You, to present mental wellness as a common and comfortable topic for team members, mentors, parents, and volunteers.

Team 1403 Cougar Robotics has been an integral part of the Compass Alliance since its inception and currently assists the Help Hub program, resource collection, and translation.

Teams can read detailed guides written by experienced members in subjects including awards submissions, programming, fundraising, mechanical design and much more. These Compass Alliance Pathways are designed to help teams navigate their way to success.

The Compass Alliance’s founding mission has been to make a lasting impact on the FIRST community and to help teams across the world learn and thrive. As a long term project, TCA requires a great amount of time and input from our robotics teams. As a team that is dedicated to making an impact to its surrounding, Cougar Robotics is always ready to offer to its assistance to the FIRST community with TCA.

In September 2020, Team 1403 hosted an off-season Compass Alliance Workshop. It was a forum where teams could interact with each other and were able to attend workshops hosted by our team and others.

View our TCA Page in the Resources Section to view the “Intro to Inventor Tutorial Packet,” which was showcased at the workshop.

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