2021 Build Season Newsletter Issue #5

Our Team

As tensions are high during Build Season, Team 1403 is in full gear with preparing and finishing up projects. The Robot Side has been collaborating with each other to complete their tasks, as well as assisting the project teams with their submissions. On the Logistics Side, members have been finalizing their assignments and anticipating future projects as Build Season is starting to wind up. The team is putting their best work forth and is looking forward to competition season.


The Mechanical Subteam has finished assembling the new shooter after getting the old shooter off the robot. Additionally, they have continued to collaborate with Electrical and Programming to help with the process. The subteam has also been busy organizing the closets for easier navigation throughout the season. 


Alongside Mechanical, the Electrical Subteam has helped wire-up the finished shooter. They have also assigned a new set of case studies to improve the development of any electrical components pertaining to the robot. Electrical has worked on reviewing information chains such as Controller Area Network (CAN), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), and Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C). These information chains essentially communicate data between different devices called microcontrollers.


The Design Subteam has been working with their respective project groups. Members of the subteam that were collaborating with the Game Design Challenge Team have been providing models to them for their “Laser Cutter” idea. They have continued to create intake redesigns while finishing and presenting sketches. In order to have the assembly finished by their deadline, the subteam has been working on Computer Aided Design (CAD) for the intake. After planning out the final CAD for Game Design’s field, they wanted to discuss with mentors about intake designs.  


As Competition Season comes closer, the Programming Subteam has put in a lot of work to further the progress of the Scouting App. With Strategy, the subteam has completed the necessary question forms for the app and have begun to put data from the questions in their database. On the other hand, they have also made advances in finding data for the shooter of the robot, which is needed before the subteam can start programming it. 


With the project submission coming closer, the Strategy Subteam has been busy with editing and improving the narrator’s script as they have been leading the Game Design Challenge. Furthermore, they have been working with Programming to make progress on the Scouting app. They have started reading the Playbook and the At Home Challenges Manual to improve their understanding of the game, which would enable them to devise strategies for the robot.


The Audio/Visual Subteam has started to work on various edits and clips for the Chairman’s video, focusing on the drone outro and door transition. The subteam has been making progress on the video through editing drafts and collecting more in-person footage. 


This week, the Business/Communications Subteam has been finalizing newsletters with the mentors in order to get it posted on the website. The subteam has also been improving previous ideas that are in future social media posts for approval, as well as creating new social media content for the week. Their main focus for this week is to finish previous newsletters and convert them into PDFs so that they can be sent out to parents and alumni.


The Outreach Subteam has been making advances on a few volunteering initiatives they have planned for the team. The subteam is hoping to finalize their “Women In Stem” event and have been constantly sending out emails to get the final details in place. 


The Safety Subteam has worked on setting safety standards and procedures for robot testing. Members have also started to create guidelines for a Safety Manual, while planning for a video presentation of both the manual and the standards.

Innovation Project

The Innovation Project Team has been making advances on their project prototypes. Additionally, they have started to work with the Design Subteam for their model and any potential 3-D printing needs. As their submission deadline approaches, the team gave a final presentation to the mentors and used their advice to fix any mistakes with the project.   

Game Design Challenge

As deadlines approach the Game Design Challenge Team, they have been working on finishing up any necessary documentation for submission. Members of the team have been discussing the expected robot actions to certain tasks on their Game Field, as well as basic elements of the game. They have also worked on writing the script for the animation of the Game Field and adding supplementary information, such as the penalties and setup procedures. Some members have started looking into possible logos for the game.