2021 Build Season Newsletter Issue #6

Our Team

As our team approaches the end of build season, many subteams have been wrapping up projects and other unfinished tasks. The Logistics Side of the team has been finishing up the Woodie Flowers essay and beginning to write the Donald Bowers essay. Meanwhile, the Robot Side has been assisting the Challenge Teams with any technical needs. We are proud of the work that our team has accomplished these last few weeks, and we are looking forward to putting our best effort when competition season arrives.


The Mechanical Subteam has been working on multiple projects during the past week and are continuing to make a lot of improvements to the robot. The subteam has been trying to increase the tension of the robot’s intake to prevent any loose intake arms, as well as readjusting the old shooter on the robot. Members have been organizing the toolbox and closet to improve their accessibility to parts.


The Electrical Subteam has been working on a couple of new case studies that will further help them in the robot building process. They have taken a look at electrical ports from past teams to evaluate their efficiency and consider if they can be added to our robot.


The Design Subteam has been collaborating with the Game Design Challenge Team such as building the 3-D model of the game field using wood and painting it. Additionally, they have been working on completing the final Game Field Computer-Aided Design (CAD) since deadlines are approaching.  


The Programming Subteam has been working with the Strategy Subteam to continue storing additional information in the Scouting App’s database. The subteam has also been planning to collaborate with the Challenge Teams and focusing on a pathfinding program. Pathfinding is essentially the process of using algorithms to find the shortest route for an object when there are obstacles blocking its path. 


The Strategy Subteam has continued to lead the Game Design Team and work meticulously to finish the final details as they get ready to turn in their submissions. As they complete the final documentation for Game Design, Strategy has also been learning about other FRC teams to aid in scouting and alliances for next year. 


The Audio/Visual Subteam has been assisting other subteams to provide any necessary footage. They have been working with Safety to finish their first drafts for a new safety video. The subteam has been taking more pictures for the parent newsletters and social media posts to aid the B/C subteam. Also, they have been taking footage for the Game Design Team’s upcoming stop motion video.


The Business/Communications subteam has completed their safety week for social media. Additionally, the subteam has been uploading more newsletters to their website as well as drafting the final newsletters. They are also planning to organize the Chairman’s binder as well as some of the team’s documentation in the near future.


The Outreach Subteam has been finishing up “Women in STEM” emails and working on the new toiletry drive. Their toiletry drive will take place over the next few weeks and the subteam has been finalizing certain logistics for the event to take place. Furthermore, members have been looking for other initiatives and volunteering opportunities for the team to take part in.


This week, the Safety Subteam has been making advancements on several of their projects. Their primary focus for this week was to research the FIRST Safety Portal and other training resources for Team 1403. The subteam has also been taking part in some of the training workshops and planning to collaborate with A/V for another safety video.

Innovation Project

The Innovation Project Team has been working and finalizing write-ups for their project submission. Members have been writing code via Arduino to enhance their product. Once they completed their write-ups, they have been developing methods to advertise their product.

Game Design Challenge

The Game Design Project Team has been working on a ton of Game Design Documentation, as well as prototyping and painting models that will help them make further advancements to their game field. Alongside A/V, they have been creating a stop-motion animation video for the challenge.