2021 Build Season Newsletter Issue #3

Our Team

In the third week of Build Season, Team 1403 has made a substantial amount of progress. Each subteam focused on either continuing their work from the previous week or starting a new task. Both the Logistics and Robot Sides have been completing their respective tasks, as well as new advancements made on both Project Teams. Members can not wait to see what the second half of Build Season entails.


The Mechanical Subteam has finished putting rollers on the upright of the robot and began testing them with sample gator balls. They also managed to refurbish the 2019 robot used in previous years. As for their schedule, Mechanical worked on the intake at the beginning of the week and switched to manufacture the shooter’s Computer-Aided Design (CAD) by the end of the week. 


The Electrical Subteam has been inventorying the electrical closet and began preparation for wiring the shooter for the 2020/2021 robot while fixing wires on the 2019 robot. Virtually, the subteam has been working with a simulation to give members an idea of electrical board work and have continued to find case studies to better develop the robot. 


The Design Subteam has started to organize the subsystem parts, assemblies, and toolpath files, which they received new parts for. They have also been working on digital animation, continuing CAD practice, and began a research project for Computer Numerical Code (CNC) use. 


The Programming Subteam has begun running code on robots from previous years to test autonomous driving. They have also been getting the 2019 robot running and trying to create reusable code for the current robot. The Scouting App Team worked on using an online database to store more information and prototype the app design. 


The Strategy Subteam has continued to work on the playbook to further the development of the robot, as well as strengthening their scouting skills. The subteam has also been leading the Game Design project and spent plenty of time progressing their idea as deadlines come nearer. 


The Audio/Visual Subteam has completed the Chairman’s video script and has transitioned into drafting the video. Additionally, they continued uploading data from the CDs for old Chairman’s videos to their drive. 


The Business/Communications Subteam has interviewed other subteams to work on their third newsletter. They were able to get the first issue finalized by the mentors and captains before uploading it to the website. The subteam also completed their first week of social media and began putting the final touches on their second week of social media posts.


The Outreach Subteam has worked on opportunities to volunteer at the Rockbrook School, a non-profit private special education school for students from ages 3 to 21. They have also created flyers for the upcoming events, while actively searching for more outreach events.


The Safety Subteam has been working with the Electrical Subteam to focus on electrical safety. The subteam taught the members about how different components work together and explained the safety guidelines in place during the soldering process.

Innovation Project

The Innovation Project Team has recently been working on prototyping and processing outlines through the “Business Plan Mini.” Throughout the week, the group mainly focused on planning and testing various ideas to further the advancement of their project.  

Game Design Challenge

The Game Design Challenge Team has focused on developing an engaging story revolving around their robot game idea. They have also presented to several mentors for feedback on their story and game idea, enabling them to revise and improve in the upcoming weeks.