2014 Cougar Classes #5


PROJECT/ ACTIVITY:  Promoting Products

Date: 12/17/14

Where: Montgomery High School

Number of Students: 47

Number of Mentors/Adults: 6

Action Items:  Tape, a piece of paper, a rubber bouncing ball, and additional items used for decoration

Impact on Team:

The final Cougar Class began with mentor Michael Leicht restating all the lessons taught in past Cougar Classes. After giving a brief summary of a variety of lessons from teamwork to branding, the mentors gave the class instructions for the activity of the night. The class was split into eight groups and each group had a simple task of figuring out a way to make a rubber bouncing ball travel from the top corner to the opposite bottom corner of a piece of paper. The complicated part of this activity was to create a strategy to sell the product to mentors and convince them that their invention was better than everyone else’s. Teams created different types of ways to promote their product by creating catchy names and using real-world example situations. Ideas that some teams had were turning their products into a game for those suffering from boredom, creating a maze, and an alarm clock using the vibrations of a phone to make the ball drop. The team who won had created a model representing an idea for a life-size tube that would carry items from an elevated area to the surface. The mentors explained that the team had presented an idea that actually appealed to the public and one that they felt would sell the best. Finally, Mr. Leicht pulled a number out of buckets of six numbers corresponding with the names of six members of Cougar Robotics who had the most wins in all of the Cougar Classes. After pulling out the number that corresponded with Deven S, Mr. Leicht presented him with a one hundred dollar Visa gift card.