COVID-19 Cancels MHS Cougar Robotics’ Season

On March 12th, 2020, we received the news that the 2020 FRC Season was being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this may seem like an extreme step, the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and a lack of a set cure means that it is extremely dangerous for anyone in or around an exposed region. To combat this, the CDC has put out some guidelines to lower the chances of you and your community being exposed to the virus. Both a link for personal prevention and community prevention are linked below.

It is possible that we will have competitions coming up, and for that, Team 1403 is going to be prepared both as a team, and with the robot. We have a lot to be proud of as a team, because beyond just the robot, we made a family. 1403 will also be contributing to FMA+, a weekly webcast that will be featuring teams from all over the FMA district.

The 1403 family doesn’t just break up because the competition season is over, it will become stronger because now we have the off-season to learn and grow together. We are proud of what we have accomplished this year, and we know that next year will be even better if we take what we learned this year and continue to grow.