2020 Build Season Week 6 Newsletter

Our Team
It is the final week of build season, and each of the subteams have been working vigorously and tirelessly to make sure that everything is well-prepared for the upcoming competition season. From making finishing touches on the robot to putting the Chairman’s video together, both the robot and logistics side of the team have a lot in their hands to make sure that their competition performance is the best it can be. Everybody has something to work on as competitions draw near.

Mechanical is almost done with the assembly of the hopper. After many ideas from the team and the Design subteam, the hopper is ready for use in competition. The team has also adjusted the intake of the robot so that the ball will not get stuck inside of the robot, which has been a tough problem. Overall, Mechanical is working with other teams to ensure the success of the robot in time for competition.

The Electrical subteam has been working on the wired-up hall effect sensor, which measures magnetic fields and uses data from those measurements to determine the speed of the turret. This  allows the team to ensure that the turret isn’t spinning too quickly. Additionally, they have been working on the upright and shooter on the driver train. The subteam successfully finished the robot’s electrical board, which they have been working on for countless hours throughout the build season.

The Design subteam has been working on updating drawings for different parts of the robot. Additionally, the subteam has been working on the cost accounting worksheet for the robot. This is a challenge because Design has to account for the cost of every part that was purchased for the robot and other finances that contributed to the building process. The sub-team will be updating this list until the competition. 

Programming has been primarily focused on finishing the “Scouting” app, which they have been developing with the assistance of the Strategy subteam. Programming has also been working on an autonomous driving module and has developed an app to assist them with it. Overall, the subteam has been making leaps and bounds in progress in the previous week.

During the final week of build season, the Strategy subteam has been working on the playbook. The playbook states the rules of the game, and in order to succeed during the competitions, each team member must understand the rules so that they can contribute as much as they can. As the competition season quickly approaches, the Strategy subteam has also been developing a server for their “Scouting” app to run on.

A/V has been hard at work on the Chairman’s video. With the Chairman’s script ready, the team has been gathering footage and pictures for the video. This all in preparation for the final editing, which will be finished in the coming week. A/V has continued to take pictures and videos for the team as various events happen.

Business is working alongside A/V to work on the Chairman’s Script, with work being mainly focused on refining the script to being the best it can be, as well as organizing content for the video. Alongside that, the team has continued to keep social media and the website up to date. The team’s activity sheets for the Chairman’s Binder are also being completed as more event pictures become available.

Outreach met with the Computer Science club this week and began collaborating with them to plan Kid’s Tech Night.  Additionally, they are continuing to develop the Women in STEM event. So far the sub team has confirmed 8 women to present at the event and are attempting to confirm even more.