2019 Cougar Class #4: Business Etiquette

PROJECT/ACTIVITY: Business Etiquette

Date: 11/14/2019
Where: Montgomery High School

Number of Students: 83

Action Items: Wooden Board, Balsa Wood Planks, Hot Glue Gun, 1 Glue Stick, Balsa Wood Sticks, and Balsa Wood Cutter.

Impact on Team: In this Cougar Class, the mentors spoke about the importance of proper etiquette in the photography and business aspects of the team. Within the photography portion of the presentation, Mrs. Leicht spoke about what should be portrayed in the pictures taken of the team. She emphasized the types of photos that should not be taken; most notably, pictures that do not serve a purpose should be avoided. Additionally, she talked about how the team should present themselves during business situations. For example, she mentioned that one should always maintain proper eye contact when speaking and give firm handshakes.

The challenge activity was unique from any of the others as it was split into two parts. In the first part, teams were provided with a wooden board, balsa wood sticks, a hot glue gun preloaded with one glue stick, and a balsa wood cutter. With these materials, students were tasked with the challenge to design and create a prototype for a bridge that could carry the heaviest load possible.

Afterwards, the teams had to present their design to Mr. Leicht and the 1403 captains, but there was a twist: The presentation could only be 30 seconds long, and everyone was required to speak except for the team captains. By applying proper etiquette, teams found themselves scoring presentation points through firm handshakes and complete eye contact, displaying application of what was discussed in Mrs. Leicht’s presentation.  During the second part of the challenge, each team was given an expansion kit to complete their prototypes and compete against each other. In conclusion, along with the design challenge, this Cougar Class gave the team an opportunity to present their ideas and designs using the several etiquette tips taught by Mrs. Leicht.