Fall Festival

Montgomery’s Fall Festival, held on Saturday, October 18, 2014, proved to be highly successful. This fun packed event ran from 11am to 1pm. Team 1403: Cougar Robotics arranged a booth that sold LED light bulbs, introduced children to the works of the robot, and clarified and quantified what the Robotics team does.

Our booth popularized and successfully sold 75 LED Green e-watt saver light bulbs. We also allowed children to experiment with three remote controlled VEX robots. These robots moved around in a carpeted area that was settled near the light bulb stand. Our team also set up last year’s robot and members of the team demonstrated how the robot worked by throwing and catching a large inflatable red ball.

In summary, we made parents aware of our team and sold several light bulbs, a great buy for a great cause. We also influenced children, increased their interests and triumphed in allowing children to explore the wondrous and fascinating nature of robotics.

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