2014 Cougar Class #3



Date: 11/19/19

Where: Montgomery High School

Number of Students: 42

Number of Mentors: 5

Action Items: one hundred popsicle sticks, two cardboard wheels, one hot glue gun, two glue sticks, one wooden board, 18″ x 24″ paper, one plastic bag

Impact on Team:  The meeting started off with a presentation from team mentor Mr. Bernardis. He presented a PowerPoint on programming and sensors, which included the different types of boards/chips, the inputs, and outputs involved, and how technology has improved programming. He specifically concentrated on the Arduino Board. Afterward, we discussed how the evolving technology has improved these sensors and boards. Our challenge for the night was to create a structure that would be placed on the ends of a see-saw balance scale and would need to tip the scale in the group’s favor. Successful groups chose long arms with their weight centered at the farthest point from the scale, which tipped the scale down towards their side. Five minutes through the challenge, a new team dynamic was introduced where all team leaders were unable to speak. This new on the challenge, mirrored from last week’s class, allowed team leaders to focus more on listening to other members rather than completing the tasks on their own.