A/V Builds a New Computer

The A/V sub team this year built a powerful new computer. The computer consists of two new 23.3” Asus LED monitors. These dual monitors are arranged side by side for easy access of files. The machine includes a powerful i5-3570K processor running at 3.40Ghz. The graphics card runs 2GB on GDDR5 memory. Sixteen gigabytes of DDR3 memory runs the machine on a Asus P8Z77-V Pro Motherboard. The machines power is supplied from an 800 watt Corsair 80-Gold. Two one terabyte Western Digital blue drives are included in this machine as well as two 500-gigabyte Western Digital Green drives. Additionally a powerful Solid State Drive runs inside this machine with an included 128 gigabytes if storage space. A water-cooled system from Corsair cools the machine with three 120mm fans. A Blu-ray drive is included with writeable and readable actions. Additionally a multi card reader is also included in this powerful machine.

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