Fall Festival

Fall Festival, on Saturday October 26th, was wonderfully well received by the Montgomery community. It began at 10:00 am and ran until 1:00 pm. Our team set up a fantastic booth as a way to raise awareness for energy efficient light bulbs, fundraise, and introduce children to robots such that they could have an enjoyable experience with using them.

We set up 3 robots behind the lightbulb stall and placed cones and wood blocks upon the carpeted “arena”. The kids strived to maneuver the robots around the cones and pick up various wooded blocks. In terms of lightbulb sales and fundraising the robotics team was very successful. The robotics team sold the FIRST Green e-watt saver lightbulbs and made many sales.

Overall, the booth itself was very successful, dozens of children came up to have fun with the robots and some even said they would like to join robotics when they get into high school. We were able to inspire kids and get them to enjoy robots, which in itself is a great accomplishment. We were also able to generate funds for our robotics team, allowing the further advancement of our already magnificent team. The Fall Festival was a unique experience in which we were able to help our team grow and create a great future for us. Team 1403 Cougar Robotics is looking forward to the great season ahead.

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