The Second Mentor Meeting

A warm thank you to everyone who came out the second Mentor Meeting! These workshops  provide the unique opportunity for our mentors and our advisor, Mr. Leicht, to educate the team about certain aspects of engineering, design, teamwork, and technology. Last Wednesday, Mr. Leicht described the steps of the design process, and also explained how they can be used in real life. After Mr. Leicht’s presentation, team members proceeded to begin the night’s challenge. This time, the challenge was to build a structure that could support the mass of half a Snickers bar, using only Catalina pasta, and marshmallows. Teams fought various challenges such as maximizing the strength of the structure and the maximum height that one could build the structure. Thank you to all of you who came out to tonights Mentor Meeting. As a reminder, our next mentor meeting will be Wednesday the 13th, hope to see you there!

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