2024 Build Season Issue #3 Newsletter

1/21/24 – 1/27/24

Our Team

This week, Team 1403 has made further progress on the design of our robot, while also continuing to work on the components needed for the Impact Award. On the Robot side, prototyping and designs have been completed and approved. In the upcoming weeks, the robot will be built and tested. On the Logistics side, the team has been improving the Impact Essay with the final draft close to completion. 


The Mechanical subteam is testing the shooter and intake design for accuracy. They’ve also been developing drawings for the fabrication of the robot to ensure that final designs will be completed on time. Meanwhile, CNC (a subsection of Mechanical), has been developing A-Frame plates, which are what lift the pivot point of the arm. Furthermore, CNC has been working towards the creation of shooter plates, which are for the shooter-intake system


Electrical is experimenting with locations on the robot to mount the SparkMaxes, a motor controller that communicates with the motors. The SparkMaxes will soon be wired so we can start testing out our drive train. Additionally, Electrical has been collaborating with Mechanical on dimensions of the belly pan, a flat sheet of metal that is placed at the base of the robot and houses electrical components safely. 


The Design subteam has been consistently publishing drawings for the Mechanical subteam in order to streamline the process of constructing our robot. Design is also working on the intake and shooter designs to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of our scoring systems.


The Programming subteam has been testing on the sensor board to experiment with potential sensors for our robot. The subteam has also made progress towards the completion of the base code for the intake to prepare before the robot is built. Our scouting app that is used during competitions is continuing to be developed with several features in the works, and swerve motors are almost done being programmed.


The Strategy subteam has been creating and presenting a general strategy to the entire team for the Hatboro-Horsham Week 1 competition. Additionally, they have been working with Programming to add features to the Scouting app—a tool that Strategy uses during competitions to analyze the data of competing teams to determine possible alliances. Finally, Strategy is finalizing the strategy board—a sketch of the playing field that shows drivers the routes they take—used in our competitions for our Drive Team to plan out each match. 


A/V has been working on collecting and editing footage to add to our Impact Video. Further, the subteam has split into two groups and is finalizing the planning document to keep track of tasks for the Impact Award submission video. Both groups are on schedule to finish their respective video options by the end of the week to be reviewed. Additionally, A/V has been continuing to create the weekly Instagram Reels for the Team 1403 Instagram (@team1403). 


B/C has been editing the SC Johnson grant application with mentors to ensure our application is in the best position to secure funding. Additionally, they are also working on interactive social media posts and creating new ideas like Subteam Saturday, a post that promotes a specific subteam each week, to keep the social media feed fresh and modern. Finally, B/C has been collaborating with the Logistics managers to write the Impact Essay. 


Outreach has been working on preparing for the Cub Class that will initiate next week on Thursday, 2/8. These Cub Classes are a place for UMS students to learn valuable life skills and build their STEM knowledge through engineering challenges. The presentation that Outreach has planned for the first Cub Class is about the importance of organization. This will be tied with a challenge that the Mechanical and Design subteams also planned out involving building bridges and understanding structural integrity, using popsicle sticks and hot glue. Outreach also worked on the design of their trifold for the Monty Maker Fair. This is a convention where kids can come and show off their inventions to the rest of the township, explaining how it works and the thought process behind the creation. Team 1403 will be at this event to inspire the younger generation to continue pursuing STEM. 

Written by The Business & Communications Subteam

Instagram: @team1403

Website: www.cougarrobotics.com

Email: cougar1403@gmail.com