2022 Build Season Newsletter Issue #2

Our Team

Team 1403’s overall start to the build season has been progressing steadily on both the robot and logistics side. We have been working on prototyping and trying to finalize the prototypes for the different subsystems of the robot, with the main focus being on the shooter. The team has been working hard throughout these two weeks and has remained focused on making lots of progress on the robot. We plan to maintain this enthusiastic energy throughout the rest of the build season and further develop the robot into its final product.


The Mechanical Subteam has been helping out the prototyping groups with the different parts of the robot, such as the intake, climber, and shooter. They have also finished up inventory, and next week, they plan on manufacturing the robot, starting with the drivetrain and gearbox. 


The Electrical Subteam has been scattered around various prototyping groups, helping with different electrical problems. Next week, they plan to start designing the electrical board.


The Design Subteam has been making progress on the design of the robot by working on 2D sketching, and plan to make it 3D next week. They have also been editing the drivetrain CAD, specifically remodeling its pulleys, and plan on pushing it out next week. The rest of the robot design team has been practicing drawing for when they start sketching. Finally, the Design Subteam has also been working on digital animation. 


This week, the Programming Subteam has been working on the code for the robot and the scouting app. They wrote the basic code outline for different subsystems on the robot and started working with various sensors such as the Limelight and color sensor. Additionally, they have been brainstorming methods to simulate the robot to make testing easier. The Programming Subteam has finished the first draft of the scouting app and plans on developing the second draft for next week. 


The Strategy Subteam has been working on a Kahoot! game, based on 1403 trivia, to play during the Saturday meeting lunch. They have also started revising the scouting sheet to collect information on other teams. To help with scouting, the subteam memorizes team names and their corresponding team number. Additionally, they have been working on the points analysis for the robot game, and next week, they plan on continuing their work with the team names and scouting sheet.


This week, the Audio/Visual Subteam worked hard on making progress towards the Chairman’s Video. While taking pictures throughout the different meetings, they finalized the Chairman’s Video Script. Currently, they are beginning to edit the drafts for the Chairman’s Video.


This week, the Business/Communications Subteam edited the parent and alumni newsletters and formatted them on a graphic designing platform called Canva. For social media, they finalized the remaining drafts to be posted in January. Also, they are working on brainstorming and creating social media posts for the first few weeks of February.


The Outreach Subteam has been working on the activity sheets for the Chairman’s Binder. Furthermore, they have been researching for additional volunteering initiatives for the team.


This week, the Safety Subteam has been working on their General Safety Presentation for the next Saturday meeting. In addition, they have been making progress on the presentation script and formatting the presentation. Next week, they plan to start a new project and work on the storyboard for their safety animation.