What People See in Ramp Riot

Teams go to Ramp Riot for a variety of reasons, but the individuals who attend have even far more diverse motives. There are those who go to gather information on other teams, there are those who go in order to learn about technology, and there are those who go to “test the waters” of robotics competitions.
Competitive reasons notwithstanding, I discovered one recurring theme: people were looking to have fun. In order to learn what motivates people to go to ramp Riot, I went around conversing a number of other teams and members of my own team. Eventually, it was apparent people weren’t really looking to gain an advantage over others, or make them selves look superior—they were simply looking to have a good time. That’s what’s really special about Ramp Riot, since its in Pre-Season, some of the competitiveness prevalent in Competition Season. This leads to everyone focusing on what really matters: a love for technology, and a passion for cooperation, fostered through unwavering teamwork.
Those in other teams had a lot to say about Ramp Riot, and their statements weren’t mechanical, or rehearsed—they were genuine. In one team I spoke to, a member expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to meet new people that Ramp Riot offered him. Another team loved the atmosphere of the event—the music, the food, and being able to dress up as their team mascot.
Everybody has a different reason for coming to Ramp Riot, and everybody has a different reason for doing robotics in the first place. But when you get right down to it, it’s all about having a good time.

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