Award Ceremony and Thank Yous

Congratulations to all for an amazing competition! We loved playing with all of you.

Thank you to our Alliance members 103 and 3142… it was a great ride to the finish.

Congrats to our mentor Brian VanLiew for his nomination for the Woodie Flowers Award, which will be awarded at the MAR championship in two weeks.

Imagery Award: Team 303
Innovation in Control Award: Team 1302
Creativity Award: Team 222
Engineering Excellence Award: Team 714
Entreneurship Award: Team 1676
Rookie Inspiration Award: Team 4347
Best Website: Team 1676
Industrial Design Award: Team 103
Quality Award: Team 1403
Gracious Professionalism Award: Team 11
Team Spirit Award: Team 1923
Coopertition Award: Team 613
Judges Award for Instrumental Kinections: Team 1279
Rookie All-Star Award: Team 3929
Highest Rookie Seed Award: Team 4035
Industrial Safety Award: Team 11
Regional Finalist Award: Team 1403, Team 103, Team 3142
Regional Champion Award: Team 25, Team 222, Team 3923
Engineering Inspiration Award: Team 3142
MAR District Regional Chairman’s Award: Team 75

Thank you to our advisor Mr. Leicht, all of our great mentors, our parents and our friends for all that you do!