We Switched to WordPress Too

One of the biggest changes we made to the website this year is that we switched to WordPress. Forget the fact that it feels mainstream and that every time I put in a bad line of code it throws up. It’s made my life so much easier.

What happened B.W. (Before WordPress) was that the website was a bunch of HTML files made in Dreamweaver, a program that often comes with Photoshop in Adobe’s Creative Suite. (Unfortunately.) None of the pages laughed. None of them cried. None of them went outside.

Every time we needed to change the content we would either have to download the page and fire up Dreamweaver to change it, or download the page and sift through a mountain of markup. Not good markup either. It was a table-based layout and that meant that it failed almost every validation we threw at it. And not because it was necessary for compatibility or because the validator was buggy—it failed because the source code resembled that of a typical 1999 web page. Well, the stylesheets validated…because there were no stylesheets.

Every time we needed to add a sponsor to the side or something we needed to make that change to all of the pages, because the pages were copied from each other and not templated.

(I hate strongly dislike Dreamweaver.)

The day our mentor, Mrs. Rosenthal, installed WordPress on our server, a rainbow splashed across the sky. We started hacking away at content. Somebody popped a bottle of apple juice. When we needed to change something on all the pages, we just edited the theme! We could have a regularly updated blog!


Forget the fact that WordPress crashes with nothing more than a bad plugin. Forget the fact that I don’t like PHP. It’s all irrelevant because I and normal people can finally post to the website. 🙂