Team 1403 is proud to have succeeded in building many high-quality FIRST Robotics Competition robots. Our team has come a long way since our founding in 2004, winning more awards as we becomes more advanced and experienced. Even now, we are working on our robot with hopes that we will not come home empty handed.

Team 1403’s FRC Awards

2015: District Event Winner Mid-Atlantic Region District at Bridgewater-Raritan 
 Motorola Quality Award, Mid-Atlantic Region District at Bridgewater-Raritan 
: FinalistMid-Atlantic Region District at Hatboro-Horsham 
2015: General Motors Industrial Design Award, Mid-Atlantic District at Hatboro-Horsham
2015: General Motors Industrial Design Award, Mid-Atlantic District Championship

2014: Motorola Quality Award, Mid-Atlantic Districts at Bridgewater-Raritan
2014: Motorola Quality Award, Mid-Atlantic Districts at Mount Olive
2014Finalist, Mid-Atlantic Districts at Mount Olive

2013: Finalist, Mid-Atlantic Region Championship
: General Motors Industrial Design Award, Mid-Atlantic Districts at Lenape-Seneca
2013: Engineering Excellence Award, Virginia Regional
2013: Engineering Inspiration Award, Mid-Atlantic Districts at Hatboro-Horsham

2012: FinalistMid-Atlantic Districts at Mount Olive
2012: Motorola Quality Award, Mid-Atlantic Districts at Mount Olive
2012: Finalist, Mid-Atlantic Districts at Rutgers University
2012: Motorola Quality Award, Mid-Atlantic Districts at Rutgers University

2011: Engineering Excellence Award, Philadelphia Regional

2010: Chairman’s Award, New Jersey Regional
2010: Xerox Creativity Award, NYC Regional

2009: Chrysler Team Spirit Award, Philadelphia Regional

2008: Engineering Inspiration Award, New Jersey Regional

2007: Engineering Inspiration Award, New Jersey Regional
2007: Woodie Flowers Award to our advisor Tim Leicht, New Jersey Regional
2007: Motorola Quality Award, Boston Regional

2005: Xerox Creativity Award, Buckeye Regional
2005: Finalist, Buckeye Regional

2004: Division Highest Rookie Seed, National Championship
: Highest Rookie Seed, New Jersey Regional
2004: Rookie All-Star Award, New Jersey Regional

As shown through our arduous work, positive responses, and excellent record of awards, we are certainly a very successful, creative, and educated team. We are still a relatively new team as FIRST competitions been going on since 1992. Even so, our team still strives to become one of the exemplary competitors of FIRST.