Mission Statement

Pen and Paper

We share our main goal with the founder of FIRST, Dean Kamen, which is to, “put engineering, science, technology into a format of healthy, fun competition, we can attract all sorts of kids that might not see the kind of activity we do as accessible or rewarding.” Achieving this goal will help future leaders reach success in these areas and give our country a prosperous future.

To realize these goals, our team encourages commitment, teamwork, and the education of members. We also advocate hard work in order to do well in FIRST Robotics Competition Events. We believe that competition allows us to learn from our mistakes and understand the ideas of others. With strong goals and views for the future, Team 1403 certainly has made a huge impact in educating the youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and will continue doing so. Members of each of our sub-teams are expected to work together in building the best robot which completes the required tasks. Through hard work and dedication, every team hopes to win competitions and eventually visit the White House to show their hard work to the nation’s current leader

We also look to inspire the younger generation to develop genuine interests in science and technology using various outreach events where we demonstrate engineering to students and children. At these events, we share the joys of learning about science and technology by letting children play with VEX robots we have built. We also educate parents and community members about the message of FIRST.