The game in 2010 was Breakaway. Robots are trying to move soccer balls into their goals. Robots may not possess more than one ball at a time, but they may herd and kick multiple balls at a time. Balls must be touching the ?oor while being moved by a robot. Only one robot at a time can block the opponent’s goals.


In this competition, Team 1403’s strategy was to play defensively. This was because we had difficulty holding and herding balls.


In the New Jersey Regional in Trenton, Team 1403 had a record of 1-5-3. In the New York City Regional, Team 1403 was rank 31 with a record of 2-4-2 and won the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox. In the Boston Regional, Team 1403 was rank 42 with a record of 6-6-2. In the Galileo Division, Team 1403 was rank 54 with a record of 3-6-1.